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8-year-old set to kite foil across the Gulf of Thailand this week!

Thanawat “Shane” Promwaen, the remarkable 8-year-old kite & wing foiling prodigy from Thailand, is gearing up for a record-breaking journey across the Gulf of Thailand on Wednesday, 24 January.

In a demonstration of remarkable skill and determination, 8-year-old Shane from Pattaya is set to cover an impressive 110 kilometers (70 miles) from Pattaya to Pak Nam Pran, near Hua Hin, setting a record for the youngest ever to achieve the crossing by kite foil.

Born on 11 February, 2015, Shane has been making waves in the world of kite and wing foiling since the tender age of three and his latest adventure is a significant step in his preparation for international competitions in 2024.

Shane balances his academics in the 3rd grade with an intensive training schedule, guided by his biggest mentors, his parents. But currently too young to compete, he relies on special invitations into adult competitions.

Shane's Gulf of Thailand crossing attempt will be flagged-off from Pattaya Kitesurfing Clubloongchat on Na Jomtien Beach and will end approximately 110 kilometers away at Krom Luang Chumphon Beach Shrine in Pak Nam Pran, 30 km south of Hua Hin.

This ambitious undertaking not only highlights Shane’s exceptional skills and bravery but also serves as crucial preparation for his ambitious goals: To become the youngest World Champion in Wing Foiling and to represent Thailand in the Olympics.

Influenced by renowned water sports athlete Kai Lenny, Shane is on a fast track to making a significant impact in the world of wing foiling.

Fans and supporters can stay updated on Shane's progress through his official Facebook channel: @shane.wing.foiler, his website: or by following him on his LINE Official account: @shane.wingfoiler

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