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Shane wins in Pattaya!

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

In the latest triumph for the 8-year-old Wing Foiler prodigy, Shane literally soared to victory in Pattaya, clinching the top spot in the fiercely competitive Kiteboarding & Wingfoil National Championships. Despite challenging conditions, Shane's unwavering determination and skill shone through, adding another trophy for the cabinet.

Many thanks to the organisers for providing Shane with the opportunity to compete, and heartfelt thanks to all those who rallied behind him, offering unwavering support.

But the journey doesn't stop here for Shane, it's a stepping stone towards his next big challenge to be announced in January.

As Shane sets his sights on the horizon, actively seeking sponsorship for the upcoming 2024 season, he emerges not only as a rising star in the world of Wing Foiling but also as an inspiration for aspiring young athletes in Thailand. With dreams of reaching for a World title, Shane's pursuit embodies the spirit of excellence and ambition.

For those who wish to be part of Shane's journey and contribute to his success, please use the LINE chat button to contact us. Join us in supporting Shane towards his dreams, as he embarks on a thrilling journey toward greatness in the world of Wing Foiling.

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